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March 27th, 2012

Don’t judge a book by its cover when painting miniatures.

The main selling point of miniatures is the picture that manufacturers display on their website. For older miniatures these pictures are often painted in an “older style” of painting that seems quite bad by today’s standards. This is definitely the case for the Impact! Miniatures Snow Troll. I was given this miniature to paint up as an addition to the Norse team I was painting as a raffle prize for a local tournament. When I saw it “in the flesh” I was unimpressed to say the least. Still I was given it to paint, so paint it I would.

My impression didn’t improve as I tried to assemble the beast. The parts fit together quite poorly and required a lot of greenstuff to get the fit right and conceal the joints. Now this is typical of older metal kits and was a process that was required very regularly. However, with the new manufacturing and sculpting techniques used by many manufactures, its something that we see very rarely these days.

With the beast assembled and undercoated it was onto painting. I was dreading this, to be honest, and I thought that this miniature would bring down the over all look of the team.

Impact! Snowtroll Front

Impact! Snowtroll Back

The miniature was painted in the same colours as the rest of the team and has turned out way better than I expected. I’d prefer the miniature to be a bit bigger to better represent a Snow Troll, but, other than that its turned out great. Just goes to show that some of the older miniatures can still hold their own, given a decent paint job, against the newer sculpts.

March 27th, 2012

Painting Blood Bowl Miniatures: Completed Gaspez Arts Norse Team

Normally I post up pics of completed miniatures as a sample of the Blood Bowl team I have painted. Recently I released that the individual miniatures tend to lose the team feel that a fully painted Blood Bowl team brings to the viewer. I am also normally in a rush to get the team out the door to my client and don’t have time to take a team pic.

With the recent Blood Bowl team I completed for the raffle prize, I made sure I had sufficient time to take a decent completed team pic.

Gaspez Arts Norse Team

I am very happy with the end result. I will be using a slightly modified version of this scheme with my own Norse Blood Bowl team, the Chuck Norses.

August 17th, 2011

Painting Gaspez Arts Norse Miniatures – The Chuck Norses

I’ve decided that after nearly two seasons of playing Blood Bowl with unpainted Norse miniatures, it was about time I pulled my brush out and painted the team. If you have been reading any of my previous posts, you’ll know I’ve been coaching the “Chuck Norses” Norse team in my local Blood Bowl league. They haven’t had a great season to date, but I’m sure our luck will change and we’ll finish the season off on a high.

I chose to use the Norse miniatures from Gaspez Arts. Fabio at Gaspez Arts produces a fantastic range of miniatures, all of which you can find at WarPuppy. There are a number of things I like about the Gaspez Arts range of miniatures. Firstly, they are of a consistently high quality. The latest miniatures they are producing are beautifully sculpted and come in great poses. Secondly, they don’t come in several small metal pieces which are hard to assembly. A lot of miniature companies produce these fantastic looking miniatures that are really hard to assembly. Sometimes the pieces are so fine its impossible to pin, which leads to many breakages during game play.

Anyway, onto painting the miniatures. I really struggled with a colour scheme for this team. This was mainly because I have panted so many other teams for coaches in out league I didn’t want my colour scheme to look similar. I ended up using a variation of the colours used on the labels of one of my favorite beers (I think this is a very Norse thing to do). The colours are based on the blue, white and gold of “Pure Blonde” beer. However, I’d already done a team with gold armour, so I changed my armour to silver.

Gaspez Arts Norse

The skin has been done in my standard style, the description of which can be found in other posts. However, I am thinking it needs another highlight stage to “pop” properly.

For the blue, I started with a base coat of Necron Abyss. I then layered Enchanted Blue over this leaving Necron Abyss in the deepest recesses. I then started mixing Derivan MiNiS Midway Blue into the Enchanted Blue. I did one layer of 2:1 Enchanted Blue to Midway Blue and one of 1:1 Enchanted Blue : Midway Blue. The final highlight was pure Midway Blue.

Gaspez Arts Norse

The remaining colours are all very neutral in an attempt to make the blue look nice and bright.

The bases were done in my usual style, however, this time I haven’t applied any static grass. I figured in the frozen reaches of the north, there isn’t much grass around, even on Blood Bowl pitches. These bases really highlight how versatile my basing style is, as I think these bases capture a frozen landscape very well.